Wednesday, 1 October 2014


2014 Autumn
Deleuze Studies 2013: The Territory In-Between

01 Thinking what we cannot represent to ourselves (Heidegger and Deleuze)
Rudolf Bernet

02 Autochtony and the Origins of Philosophy
Rodolphe Gasché

03 L’écologie des images: ritournelles et individuation
Anne Sauvagnargues

04 Reading A Thousand Plateaus
Eric Guichard

05 Infinite Debt and Social Bonds: Political Economy in Deleuze and Derrida
Nuno Nabais

06 Corporate Movement, the State and the War Machine
Ronald Bogue

07 The Image of Thought in A Thousand Plateaus
Eugene Holland


In this issue, we publish selected papers from the 2013 Deleuze Studies Conference, titled The Territory In-Between.

The 6th Deleuze Studies Conference was a major event attracting many participants. Students, teachers and researchers from all over the world produced very interesting papers and a high level of discussion. It was preceded by a one-week Deleuze Studies Camp, with theoretical seminars and practical sessions. We also enjoyed a very pleasant social program. Good weather and the great food helped to provide an amazing ambience, not only at the University of Lisbon but also at Fábrica Braço de Prata.

The camp and conference were intended to address the ways through which Deleuze thinks the concept of territory and how his view enriched this problematic in philosophy, science, politics and aesthetics. From art’s beginning in territorial marks to the plane of immanence and nomadology, deterritorialisation and the difference between the smooth and the striated space, the concept of territory is central to Deleuze’s work with geophilosophy.

Selected papers from the camp were published in A/V#19.

Catarina Pombo de Nabais
Guest Editor, A/V

We are delighted to bring you A/V#20, showcasing selected papers from the International Deleuze Studies Conference held at the University of Lisbon in July, 2013. It features speakers Rudolf Bernet, Rodolphe Gasché, Anne Sauvagnargues, Eric Guichard, Nuno Nabais, Ronald Bogue and Eugene Holland. We extend our warmest thanks to Catarina Pombo Nabais the conference director, for acting as guest editor for this memorable issue. It was both filmed and edited by our current production editor Tony Yanick who gave much time, hard work and exemplary care in preparing the material for this issue and we also wish to thank José Mendes in helping to film the presentations.

And finally, last issue I announced some personal news about my retiring from my post as Reader at MMU, as well as my editorial role with A/V. This current issue is my last. We are delighted to announce that Felicity Colman (MIRIAD), who many of you will know, will be taking over my editorial role in future. My experience of working with A/V, its presenters and readers over the past nine years has been an encounter indeed and I wish the journal every success in its future becomings.

Anna Powell
Editor, A/V